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    MySparkLite Community is a social media platform where members can start their own groups and forums. With this you can create a community of friends where you can help each improve financially or via knowledge regardless of marketing niche

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About Us: The Social Media Platform for Mentors and Marketers

MySparkLite Mentorship Community is a social media platform for marketers/mentors looking for where to start a community to manage mentees/students via marketing or content creation. With The Sparlian platform, you can start your own forum for free where you can chat, discuss and interact with other mentees, content creators, and marketers via your groups and forums

Our culture is straightforward: each member becomes an agent of change, influencing the next person through quality content, mentorship, advice, and giveaways while contributing their quota to helping others

Challenges MySparkLite Community Is Addressing

Just Starting Out As A Marketer

As a beginner: Starting out as a marketer without proper guidance can lead to frustration or a complete desire to change career path. We believe that from this community you can invite your friends to help you solve the following issues via the platform:

  1. Are you struggling with driving traffic to websites either for you or for someone else?
  2. Are You Struggling with crafting good messaging copy and creatives to help solve the first problem of driving traffic?
  3. Are you struggling to make sales even after driving traffic or generating little or no conversion to show for at the end of the day.  

Helping Others Improve As A Professional

As a professional/trainer: You have successfully learned the secrets and ways to help others succeed by overcoming the long-age marketing problem. Then join the community and let others learn from you. in exchange you will earn a reputation, respect, rewards, and accolades from the community and from members of the community when you serve as an agent of change. Instead of using WhatsApp to organize classes, you can use MySparkLite Community to meet your training and discussion needs using this platform created especially for marketers.

Become A Change Agent As A Successful Marketer

As a successful business professional: If you own a group on Facebook, WhatsApp, Quora, or Even Reddit. Where you help others looking for help find quality help. you can offer help to your students or trainees via the Mysparklite community all you have to do is to invite others to chat & interact with you via the platform.   MySparkLite Community is offering you her platform where you can give live coaching lessons to others. You can organize zoom meetings from the groups while discussing topical issues that can help others. if you are seeking a platform that you can use to impact the lives of others. MySparkLite marketing community is the best place to begin.

How The MySparkLite Community Works?

Membership Registration

Join this moving roller costal marketing social network community. Be one of the first pioneering members to join the marketing community by filling your information to create an account.

content segmentation

Create or Join Groups & Forums

Now joining the community, you need to join one of the community groups and forums. Or You can create your own personalized group and forum and invite your friends or students to join you.

Invite Friends To Join

Now you are contributing to helping someone somewhere make a quality decision, now invite your marketing friends, foes, fans, family and colleagues to join the group you now belong to.

Benefits To Marketing Professional & Creators

Create Your Own Group Or Forum & Attach Your Courses To The Group When You Join

What You Stand To Gain When You Join The V.I.P Membership Club:

Build Your Reputation & Recognition When Other Users Review Your Profile

As a content creator, when you carry out activities on the community, you automatically get community points for your engagement. But the best part is that you can build reputation when other users rate your profile on the community as been a helpful social change agent.

Organize Marketing Sessions & Meetings Effortless Via Our Forum & Groups

Help others attain results, experience growth and financial freedom on the community, why go through the stress of using social media groups to organize marketing training & meetings and sessions, when you can use MySparkLite tailored for marketers to fluorish

Benefits of Joining MySparkLite Community

Refer 5 People To Purchase Any Yearly V.I.P Plan & We Will Pay $500

At MySparkLite platform we believe that you don’t have to be an affiliate to make money via the platform. You can choose not to become an affiliate partner of the platform and still make money regardless. For us its all about generating multiple sources of income for our users.

Build 500 V.I.P Users Via Your Own Forum or Group & We Will Pay $500 Minimum Every Month

Why run a forum where you are not making any money when you can easily use a platform that pays you monthly without you selling anything or being an affiliate marketer? All you need to do is refer people to sign up and then send their usernames to us once you hit 500 users. But an alternative way is to become an affiliate partner to enjoy even more financial benefits without sending username of your signups to us.

Grow Your Forum/Group To 1k Active Membership & We Will Gift You Premium Graphics For Free Every Month

At MySparkLite, we give bonuses, free graphics creatives and incentives to members of the community when they help others attain results, experience growth or gain financial freedom via the community. We give gifts which may be in kind or in cash in our bid to say thank you for been a change agent to the lives of others.

Win Prizes From Giveaways, & Earn Rewards When You Join Our Monthly Contest

At MySparkLite we organize virtual competitions and social media contests from time to time via our social media handles. our strategy is to keep you entertained while learning from others at the same time. We support creativity and excellence amongst our members. At MySparkLite Community, everyone is a winner.

Who Is This Marketing
Community For?

Content Marketers

You are welcome to join the community if you are a content marketer or an infographics specialist. We encourage you to join and be a part of us.

SEO Marketers

If you are an SEO specialist or experts and you are also looking for a community where you too can be a change agent and help as many people as possible. We welcome you

Marketing Influencers

If you are an influencer on any of the social media platforms and your core is to impact lives or be an agent of change. We welcome you to join the family.

Digital & Social Media Marketers

At MySparkLite community, we welcome users who are fired up and interested in showcasing this community to the world. As your sharing can help save a life for those decaying into depression.

Affiliate & Network Marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer or a network marketer seeking for a community of marketers of like minds seeking to make money online, you are at the right place.

Mentors & Marketing Professionals

MySparkLite community is not just a community for those with a vision but for those seeking to make a difference in this world. Join us in this social impact pursuit.


Since, I joined the community. members have been very helpful with educative, insightful information which has helped me improve in marketing. I recommend this community to you, if you are into marketing either as a professional or as a freelancer. Well done “Team Sparlians”

Nicoline Andre

My Rating:

The part I love the most about the community is the fact that you can rate your favorite content from users of the community. The sweetest part is there is a leaderboard showing you how well you are doing on the community when you take part in community activities.

Neville Wood

My Rating:

I am hardly online on the community but the little time i have come online, I can see that there is a commitment from the management team to constantly improve the community to make the community the place to be as a marketer. I recommend you join the community.

Mateo Franklin

My Rating:


MySparkLite Community is a marketing community platform developed as a social impact community where everyone can collective and collaborative talk about how to improve the lives of other members of the community.

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Yes, There are age requirements to join the community. As the community do not accept members less than 16 years of age.

  1. Don’t spam. We have a zero tolerance policy. Do it once and you’re out.
  2. No BC Messages. We have a one warning rule for members who would join to post BCs. Do it twice and you’re out.
  3. Make quality posts. (See the Post Quality section below for details.) You’ll get a friendly warning for low quality posts, and if you do it again you’ll be suspended.
  4. No religion or politics. These are not to be discussed ever – they start too many fights.
  5. No personal insults. This is self explanatory.

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MySparkLite Community is a marketing niche community for people who either plan to start a marketing career, are new to marketing or are working professionals in the marketing industry. The idea for us is creating a conducive atmosphere where everyone can grow and flourish individually in our various marketing aspirations

MySparkLite Communit’s objective is to collaboratively work with you to solve the long age problem which is: The traffic Problem, Brand Messaging Problem, Curatives Problem & Conversion problem. By joining the community, you have a friend to help you through it all. As your journey through the marketing landscapes

At MySparkLite, we call it home because we believe regardless of your religion, occupation, age or gender. We are all pursuing one thing “Fulfilment & Financial Freedom”. At MySparkLite, that we believe the best place to hit your peaks is when you are home.

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