The 9ja Referral contest will end in:

The 9ja Referral Contest Is Over

Why Are We Doing This? We want to give you a better tomorrow

All you have to do is click on the button and follow our page on Instagram if you are not yet following us on our official page. Note: if you are already following us just share the contest post on Instagram

Follow The Rules & Start Winning

How To get started with the contest, all you have to do is signup.

  • Step 1: Refer 5 of your friends, colleagues, or fans to signup for FREE
  • Step 2: Refer 5 of either the same set of friends that have signed up for the free account to upgrade to a paid account.
  • or refer 5 new sets of people to signup for any of the yearly V.I.P membership plans after they have signed up for FREE.
  • Step 3: Once they have registered, ask them to send you their username, then compile these user names and send them to us for verification.
  • Step 4: Once we confirm the sent-in user details, you will be listed as part of the winners of the contest.
  • Step 5: Winners will be announced and funds will be disbursed

Copy & paste the link

V.I.P Payment Page

Final Step: Submit Your Contest Entry Form To Cash Out

Note: once you are selected as a winner, you will be required to share a video with us about your winnings or tag us in your video (Reels or Feed)