About MySparkLite Coaching Platform

At MySparkLite coaching platform for us its not all about just bringing people together to one platform, its about making a social impact to the lives of our users on the platform.

About Us

What we are?

We are building a Fintech and Edtech coaching platform where users can buy and sell courses, make payment for coaching services and interact virtually as though coaching and mentorship were done in-person

MySparkLite Coaching Platform is a mentorship and coaching platform where successful or certified individuals educate, coach, mentor, and nurture inexperienced, emerging, or struggling professionals in any industry.

MySparkLite’s core objective is to foster a community in which members may gain expertise and experience through training, social learning, or mentorship and help others with acquired knowledge either for free or at a price.

Empowering Prosperity, Breaking the Chains of Poverty

Our aim is in line with two critical Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 1: No Poverty and Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. We are committed to reducing poverty by tackling its core causes and promoting inclusive economic prosperity. We aspire to build a society where wealth is shared and chances for growth are available to everyone via creative policies, social protection measures, and the promotion of decent employment.

Join us in creating a future in which poverty is eradicated and sustainable economic growth serves as a catalyst for positive change, empowering people and communities all over the world. Let us work together to break the cycle of poverty and pave the path for a more just and prosperous society.

Our Values


family icon

At MySparkLite Marketing Community, family means everything to us. See our members as family. That's why we call ourselves the "Sparlian Family"



At MySparkLite marketing community, we believe our members, users and team mates must strive to achieve excellence in delivery & results.



At MySparkLite marketing community, we believe that the biggest change in the world is the ability to constantly evolve and innovate our systems.


At MySparkLite Community, we believe that results speaks volume than efforts, so we constantly strive to improve our results daily. We push others to do same

Why Choose Us?

Let's work together to help You make passive income through coaching and mentorship

Nurture and Coach Your students acting as though you were interacting in-person

Mentorship and coaching is all about maintaining Relationship With Your Network

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to cut down unemployment and poverty among citizens living in developing and under-developed nations globally.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve over 1 Billion careers and growth professionals through the use of our marketplace solution (Fintech + Ed-tech) to reduce inexperience among professionals.

Our Target Statement

For MySparkLite to be a platform where people’s stories change from bad to good and from good to better. A social impact platform that will usher in the era of virtual coaching social learning for learners of all age bracket.