Mentorship & Coaching Workshop Event

MySparkLite officially launches her mentorship and coaching workshop event. This event is an event where users can build their community and earn non cash prizes to the most active user who contributes the most value via content & friends invite.

The Event
will end in:

The 5/5 Championship Contest Is Over

How To Participate in This Community Development Event

How To get started with this event, all you have to do to get involved:

  • Step 1: Signup to join the community.
  • Step 2: Join Any of the existing groups and forums and start a conversation.
  • Step 2B: Alternatively create a group or forum about a subject that majorly interests you.
  • Step 3: Invite your friends, colleagues, fellow mentees, and other experts you know to join the conversation.
  • Step 4: Post quality content daily for 20 days to be eligible for the community development prize tag.

Expectations & Rules Of The Community Development Event

Here are the rules and regulations regarding the event:

  • Don’t start a community/forum around prohibited products such as hard drugs, contraband goods etc, other banned services but not limited to the following: pornography, Ponzi scheme, money doubling scheme, gambling, anything that contradicts with trademarks and the copyright of other brands.
  • The platform welcomes those interested in mentoring others or being mentored, coached, or trained, by a mentor, life coach, or trainer in the areas of business growth or career advancement. 
  • The platform welcomes organizations or businesses who seek a platform to coach or mentor their staff/members for career growth.
  • Bullying, Spamming, phishing links, or scamming individuals or forums will not be spared on this platform. Once discovered, will be deleted immediately. And disciplinary actions will be melted against the culprits

How To Win This Event Prize For This Event

To win this community development event, Here is what you need to do:

  • Be the most active daily user on your newly formed forum/group or existing group and forums for 30 days.
  • Engage your referred users daily via your own group or forum for 30 days.
  • The formed groups and forums with the most social posting based on quality content and engagement wins the event.

Quality Content Information & Notice

How To get started with this event, all you have to do is signup.

  • Content posting can either be images, text, voice notes, or video links from credible sources such as Youtube and Vimeo links can be shared.
  • Resourceful and helpful documents can be shared to help members/mentees/mentors in your forum or community.
  • Hold zoom meetings via the groups and forums with your mentees via your groups and forums. (For V.I.P. members only)
  • Build your reputation/credibility via the platform, by encouraging your mentees to review your profile as a man of reputation. Using duplicated accounts to do this can lead to the suspension of your account if discovered.